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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Chair in Social and Health Sciences in Sport – Prof. Dr. Susanne Tittlbach

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Welcome to the research group
"Social & Health Sciences in Sport"

Our research and teaching primarily addresses three areas of emphasis:

  • Human behaviour and experience while moving, playing, and doing sports
  • The health effects of moving, playing, and doing sports
  • Educational aspects of school sports and gym teacher training.

In this context, individual and social conditions of exercise behaviour, questions of sustainable implementation of (movement-related) health programmes in various settings (e.g. universities, schools, communities) and with various target groups (e.g. children and adolescents, seniors, men) as well as questions with regard to effectively communicating educational aspects of school sports and gym teacher training are of interest.

The research group covers the following sub-disciplines of sport science: sport pedagogy, sport sociology, sport psychology, sport history and health as an overarching topic of sport science.

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